White Point Battery Charleston, Dec. 24, 1863

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White Point Battery Charleston, Dec. 24, 1863


"This shows the whole harbor, and is an exact reproduction. There can be seen Castle Pickney; Fort Moultrie; Fort Sumter; Fort Johnson; and the Yankee batteries off Johnson Island; also a wooden fort, somewhat resembling a ship, in the harbor. General Beauregard may be seen, with one of the Engineers going over the plans. Two big guns were brought to Charleston, at great expense, from England; one exploded, and the other is shown in the picture; it was always referred to as ' the big gun,' and although it often ploughed up the water, the damage done by it, if any, was very slight. This painting is a copy of a large study of the same subject made by the artist for Mrs. Slocum of New Orleans, wife of one of Louisiana's ante-bellum governors; it was a very successful picture."

Conrad Wise Chapman, 1898

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